9ZERO Training is pioneering a new approach to player development

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Our innovative 90 day training programmes focus on helping players to develop their competitive skills. Making them more resilient and able to perform to their true potential in high pressure environments. We enable players to develop their competitive skills so that they can achieve their goals.

Better Learners

Our innovative 90 day personalised training programmes help players to better understand the learning processes involved in becoming the most competitive player they can be. By completing these cycles players not only better understand the skills they are learning but they also take ownership of the development process. 

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Our partners have made an invaluable contribution to helping us achieve our objective of assisting aspiring athletes achieve their long term life goals.

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9ZERO Foundation

ZERO Foundation in partnership with McKinlay Reid International Academy have created Africa’s first high school golf team “The Orca’s” who have been specifically designed to help Africa’s youth secure golf scholarships to US Colleges. 


The Orca’s have been founded to create opportunities for Africa’s youth to better their lives through sport and education. We provide aspiring teenagers with an environment in which they can develop their golfing and academic skills to a level where they can secure US College Scholarships.

For more information check out www.mckinlayreidorcas.com

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