Are you performing to the best of your ability in tournament play?

It’s a surprisingly common problem

Most competitive players are never able to consistently transfer their best “social” game to tournament play. Due to this they fail to fully realize their competitive abilities. Which often leads to a loss of confidence and then to a loss of self belief. 

Performing to your potential in tournaments 

Imagine what you could achieve if you were able to access a formula guaranteed to improve your performance in competitive play? This is precisely what a 9ZERO Training can provide you with. For more information either, learn more or start now. 


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Our partners have made an invaluable contribution to helping us achieve our objective of assisting aspiring athletes achieve their long term life goals.

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9ZERO Foundation

The 9ZERO Foundation's vision is to inspire and motivate Africa's youth to develop 21st century learning skills. Which will enable them to adapt and thrive in the modern world.

Our mission is to help Africa's youth to be able to create opportunities to better their lives through golf and education. We operate numerous programmes that benefit primary, secondary and tertiary education learners. Our marquee programme is our amateur golf tour which helps aspiring secondary school learners to secure US College Scholarships.

9ZERO Amateur Golf Tour

  • Is an Amateur Golf Tour designed to prepare aspiring US College players to compete in and secure World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR)
  • The Tour invites a select group of elite players consisting of junior, amateur, college, senior, PGA Professionals and Tour Players to compete in 36, 54 and 72 hole events
  • Being WAGR ranked and having a strong tournament record are two of the main recruitment criteria US College Coaches look for
  • The 9ZERO Amateur Tour's goal is to improve access to high quality WAGR ranked competition fields so that more of our youth can better their lives through US College educations

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